Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer is quicly ending:(

When I started summer I had a major to-do list. I have finished almost everything excpet some school things, which I hope to finish in the next 2 weeks. Summer: the warmest season of the year. That's definition in the dictionary & boy has summer lived up to it's definition. But I am not complaining b/c the heat is better than the dreaded SNOW DAYS!!!! So as you are getting ready to start back to school here are some good finds!!!

Touch lights...they can be found at the The Dollar Tree. Got this idea from a can use these when sounding out words. Touch each light for each sound in a word. As you say the sound the light lights up.

Pirate cup & pencils (Party City $0.99 & pencils $1.99) Perfecr for your Pirate Theme

Toy pirate chest (Party City $6.99) I am gonna use it at Open House to put candy & rings in.

Pirate rings found on Ebay. I have soooo many so I have decided to do pirates for 2 yrs unless I find another theme I am in love with:)

Pirate rug in my reading center

Reading area....I will be making new Daily 5 Book Labels. I'm tired of looking at these:) I will post them in the next couple days, so look back!!!

Other Book Shelf

I have looked all summer for these. I saw them on someone's blog at the beginning of the summer. I finally found them at Wal-Mart. They are Elmer's Project Popperz. Great for writring on charts & making posters. They come in washable & permanent. There's 4 markers & 8 colors. 2 colors on 1 marker.

Dry Erase board & Dry erase crayons. Great for word work. I got a white board & a black board. It was BOGO free at Toys R Us on all Crayola prodeucts. I also bought no spill paint. All you do is fill the brush with water & can paint or write words.

Pirate picture frame (Oriental Trading). I am going to let them decorate the frame & take their picture in a pirate hat & eye badge the 1st day & then write the date on the frame.

Stickers to decorate the treasure box picture frame.

I got this idea from a friend, so I can not take credit but wanted to share b/c maybe you can think of something like it to go along with the theme in your room or if you are doing beach, pirate you could use it. This is a Message in a Bottle (Oriental Trading) I will have my students write 2 things they would like to accomplish in 1st grade. We will seal the bottle & I will put them somewhere save & tell them we will open them in the 3rd quarter for Student Led Conferences to share with their parents & see if they accomplished their goals. Also a great way to get the kids there b/c they will be so excited (hopefully) to open their bottles!!!

The bottle all done. FYI...the bottom screws off to get the paper & tie out. I will give you all a laugh I did try for at least 5 minutes to figure that out.

As summer is quickly ending I hope everyone has a relaxing last couple weeks. I hope to lay by the pool & read my Nicolas Sparks book, Safe Haven, before school starts b/c once it starts there is usually NO time for personal enjoyment reading. Have a great rest of the weekend:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Teacher Pay Teacher Items

Whew...what a day.  I have had a busy day of working on school stuff, laying in the sun, helping a friend out & a Pampered Chef party.  Now to end the evening, I am posting some products on my TpT store.  Two items will be free & 2 will have a fee:)  Hope you enjoy!!!!

This has 3 pages. Citizen, Scholar & Terrific Kids. Great to use as a poster to show off good behavior!!! It's FREE!!!

This has 3 pages...Citizen, Scholar, & Terrific Kids. Perfect if you are doing a pirate theme. It's FREE!!!!

Math Tub Labels....Print off on cardstock & hot glue on your math tub. Be looking for a few more math tub labels later in the month. Or if you need specific ones made, post a comment. Not sure why the clipart is black but it's colored on Teacher's Pay Teacher's.

And Last but not least....a JUNGLE Back to school pack. desk tags, restroom pass, media pass, calendar months & dates, JUNGLE folder cover.

Go check out my TpT store!!! And check back over the weekend for Daily 5 Book bin labels.

Have a great night & I'll be back tomorrow to show off my AwEsOmE finds I have found this week!!! I'm off to Charlotte for some retail therapy tomorrow:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to School Bonanza Contest!!!

I was checking out blogs last night & came across this Blog, Erica Bohrer's First Grade, she got together with 11 other teachers/bloggers to create a BIG giveaway!!!  Please read below to see what you need to do & then if you visit Erica's blog you can see what will be given away!!! 

Back to School Bonanza Contest!

Are you ready to go Back to School?  This Back to School Bonanza Giveaway should help you get in the mood!  Twelve fabulous bloggers have teamed up to give one lucky winner a huge back to school prize pack!  Scroll, down to see the twelve tantalizing prizes you could win.  *Before you enter, please, make sure to follow the directions and my examples.
The contest will run until midnight eastern time, on Thursday, July 28th.
You have 4 chances to enter:
1.  One entry for following all 12 blogs by clicking on the buttons below.  Your comment should look like this: "I follow all 12 blogs."
2.  One entry for following all seven facebook pages.  Your comment should look like this: "I follow all 7 facebook pages."
3.  One entry for following all of our TpT stores.  Your comment should look like this: "I follow all 12 TpT stores."
4.  One entry for blogging about this giveaway.  Your comment should look like this: "I blogged about this giveaway, here is the link:_____."

All the links and prizes are listed below!  

Blogs (click on each button to go directly to each blog): 


Teachers pay Teachers Stores:
1. Erica Bohrer's Store
2. Yvonne Dixon's Store
3. Deanna Jump's Store
4. Anna Brantley's Store
5. Primary Graffiti's Store
6. One Extra Degree's Store
7.  Michelle Oakes's Store
8. Miss Kindergarten's Store
9. Barbara Kilburn's Store
10. Donna Glynn's Store
11.Ms. M's A Teacher's Plan  (this store is not on TpT)
12. Melissa Freshwater's Store

Follow on Facebook:
1. Erica Bohrer
2. Sassy in Second
3. Barbara Kilburn
4. Crazy for First
5. Kinderglynn
6.One Extra Degree
7. Melissa Freshwater

Here is what you could win!

1. Deanna Jump's Back to School Math and Literacy Fun

2. Donna of Kinderglynn's Amazing Complete Word Work Centers and Small Group Instruction

3. Anna Brantley of Crazy for First's Back to School Math and Literacy Centers


5. Amanda of One Extra Degree's Sub Tub

6. Miss Kindergarten's Calendar Pack

7. A Teacher's Plan Pre-Made Lesson Template from Ms. M.

8.  Yvonne of Sassy in Second's Football Number Bonds Tiered Math Tub

9. Melissa Freshwater's Monster Mash Math and Literacy Fun

11. Cheryl of Primary Graffiti's Celebrating Yummy Birthdays

12. Michelle of Fabulous in First's Back to School Beginning Sound Sort and Back to School Word Work
Best of luck to you!!!!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Items on Teacher's Pay Teacher's

I have been busy tonight, after being at the beach for a week it's time to get back at it!!! I have posted 3 new items at my TpT store.  Please go check them out.  I will be working on a Jungle/Monkey Back to School Back over the next few days.  Look back for when it is up & ready. 

Wholly Molly.....I got some of my pirate items I have ordered, so very excited!!!!  Lots of fun things....OOOPPPPSSSS I accidently ordered like 80 pirate rings, so everyone will have one for each finger!!! haha Did get my Vista Print order...loved everything!!! Can't wait to get it to school:)

Just realized my summer is almost OVER:(  Three more full weeks before I go back.  I still have so much I need to get done.  Where has the summer gone???!!!!

Look at what is new in my TpT store!!!

Center tags, use them to organize where your students go during center time.

Cubby tags, use to label your cubbies or as headers for centers. Write names on bottom of each card or put a typed label.

Writing Mini-Lesson...using Fancy Nancy Books to teach writing using "fancy" words and dressing as Fancy Nancy. This lesson lists everything you need to complete the lesson & a short description of how to teach the lesson. Your kids will love this way of lrarning vocabulary words & "fancy" words.

I hope everyone has a great week & remember to look back for Jungle/Monkey Back to School Pack.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Math Gameboard

I made this math gameboard.  You can use this gameboard in a math tub or math game.  At the beginning of the year you can use numbers or number word cards & have students read what is on the card.  If they read it right they can roll a die & move that many spaces.  Play continues until there is a winner.    As the year goes on you can use addition, subtraction facts, shapes, etc.  What ever you are studying in math at the time works.  Just print the gameboard off on white cardstock.  Click on the gameboard & you can download or go to my TpT store.

If I get 20 Followers by next Sunday, I will post another Reading gameboard for FREE!!!! Tell all your friends:) Thanks for all the kind words & encouragement!!!

Classroom & TpT Store

I have been very busy on Tuesday & Thursday of this past week.  I have set up my room & put up bulletin boards.  Finished my Word Wall (picture to follow).  I still need to finish 2 bulletin boards (pic of boards, still need to put up words & some pictures).  I need to find a bucket kind of chair, which I think I will get at Wal-mart, since I moved some things around & have lots of "extra" space....wish I had "extra" storage places. haha

Word paper with black border with white polka dots. The letters are made out of black & white foam. Took forever to hang evenly!!!!

This will say....Work We Treasure. I have a treasure chest cut out, the paper is ocean picture paper. I am trying to find pirate scrapbooking paper to do the letters.

I want this to be a writing bulletin board but am having a hard time coming up with stuff to put on it.

Let me introduce you to a great behavior system. It is the Clip Chart. Two other 1st grade teachers & I started this last year. We had always done the card flipping system, where once you flipped your card for the day you were redeeming yourself. With the clip chart you can move up & down the chart through out the day. What ever color you land on at the end of the day gets colored in on the studet's behavior/homework log. I loved using the Clip Chart last year. It helps those students who may not make the best choices but can redeem themselves through out the day. Everyone starts on GREEN at the beginning of the day. If a student lands on green or above at the end of the day, they get a punch in their punch card, which I will show later. Ten punches equals having your punch card entered in our "Prize" drawing. Prizes include free computer time, lunch with a friend, write with a pen, treasure box, candy box. Then if a student lands on pink they get a card that has a little rhyme on it(I will show that later).

Clip Chart

Punch Card

Hip Hop Hooray card for those who land on pink!!

I have gotten my book Math Work Stations but haven't had the chance to start reading yet. I think this may be out book for PLC's so I may hold off till Sept. I did start math tubs last year & enjoy doing them. It worked well with a K/1st interested to see how it works with just 1st grade. Below I put some pictures of how I organize my tubs. I love that I can stack them up. They are labeled based on the 5 strands to our Math SCOS but they may change with the new common core.

Since my classroom theme is Pirates, I have put together a Back to School Pirate Pack. You can check it out at TpT.

I have posted a Birthday Pack for FREE on TpT. This would make for a great birthday bulletin board or just to use month by month.

Head on over to Teacher's Pay Teacher's & check out what I am selling & giving away!!!!  You can also click my TpT button (to the right) & it will take you there also.

I am going to be working on some gameboards you can use for reading & math. Look back later on tonight & check them out. They will be free on my TpT store.