Monday, April 30, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

I am at home today with a sick little one....poor thing:(  We about made it out the door when blah!!! So it's Spongebob & Phineas & Ferb all day.

For those that have your own personal kids, I will share some ideas I got off Pinterest for Teacher Appreciation gifts.  All these ideas are pretty cheap & easy.  Here are pictures of everything.

Tumbler with the powered stuff to put in your drink.  The saying says- Thank you for quenching my thirst of knowledge!

Soap & it was on sale for 5 for $15.

Extra gum......comes in a pk of 3 @ Target.  I gave each teacher just one pack out of the 3 pk.

Candle- any kind will work.

Notepad & pen....Saying- Take "note" you are one of my favorite teachers!  Thanks for a great year.

I will fill this container with M& M's.  This is a poem about being a Marvelous & Magnificant teacher!!  I will tie the poem on with a ribbon.

Also I made a coupon  book for my 4th graders teacher & my 1st grader will give his teacher a book with a story retelling rope, I had made.  Hope some of these ideas help!!!  Pinterest can help any ordinary person feel very crafty!!!  ha

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rocks & Student Led Conferences

I think all weeks will be hectic crazy from here on out!!!!  But 29 more days but whose counting right??!!!  This week we did Student Led Conferences.  My kids did such a great job!!!!  They filled out a personal report card Tuesday morning, we had an agenda, where they showed their Daily 5 book bin, writing folder, math journal, Sci-Fri Journal & our plant experiments.  I had filled out a progress report stating what their reading & AR level was at the beginning of the year & what it is now.  Their parents were so amazed with mostly their reading & writing improvements.  Also at the beginning of the year, every students filled out a message in a bottle about what they wanted to learn this year.  The big day came & they got to open them....which was exciting because everyone learned what they had hoped to this year!!!!  Once they showed their parents everything, they filled out a paper where the student had to write 2 stars from the school year & 1 wish to work on over the summer.  Here are some pictures of what went on.

Thanks to all the parents & students who came out!!!!!

This week in Science we did MANY Rock activities.  We read the book Rock Basics, which is an easy to understand rock's book.  Students had to complete a Rock Scavenger Hunt at home.  Then at school, they shared the rocks they found with their classmates.  They picked three rocks from their hunt & completed a Rock Exploration page.  We were suppose to do many other activities on Friday after our field trip to the Mines but rain, thunder, & a tornado warning closed the mines.  So all we did was took a bus ride.  The sky fell as soon as we got their.  We did reschedule & Wednesday, if the weather cooperates, we are off for try number 2!!!!!  We did though complete a Chocolate Chip Cookie Excavation activity.  All you need is cookie & toothpicks.  They used the toothpicks to count the chocolate chips & had a recording page.  Here are some pictures of what we did!!!

Sharing Rocks

Page sent home

More sharing

After picking their 3 rocks, they completed the activities.

Does it sink or float???

All you need for Chocolate Chip Excavation

Recording sheet

Chocolate Chip Excavation

Digging out our "rocks"

Lastly I found this great idea on Pinterest.  Count down to the end of the school year.  I am doing it for the last 15 days of school.  I have come up with 15 fun cheap & easy ideas to do with your  students each day.  Such as eat outside, sidewalk chalk, popsicles, extra outside time, etc.  You can click here for the page.  Put each slip of paper in balloons.  Blow up the balloons & put through out your room.  You can number them or not.  Then count down the days by popping 1 balloon each day.  Fun way to count down the days!!!!

Stay tuned for teacher appreciation ideas if you have your own personal children who you need to come up with ideas for their teachers.  I have all my sayings printed out, I just need to attach everything with ribbon.  But today is the 1st nice day so it's lake time with the man!!!!!!  Have a great rest of the weekend or what is left of it:)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Plants & More Plants

Wow.....I haven't been on here in a while but what do I see when I get ready to post.......I have 36 followers!!!1  Woohooo!!!!  Hoping I can get to 100 soon:)  Well it's been back at it since being off for 10 days for Spring break.  But only 34 more days till SUMMER BREAK.  But who is counting...right!!!! 

We have been off & running with learning about Plants.  This week we learned about Non-Fiction Text Features.  We read Pebble Books that were about the parts of the plant.  Then we made a plant poster, where we labeled the parts of the plant & wrote about each part & gave it a label.  Here are some pics of the books & our finished posters.

Plant Posters

Since we had learned about the parts of the plants.....why not have a plant tasting party.  We ate broccoli for flowers, celery for the stem, spinach leaves used in salad for leaves, & carrots for roots.  Then everyone got Ranch dressing b/c I have heard everything tastes better with Ranch??  Not sure b/c I'm not a fan!!!! 

What we ate

Enjoying parts of a plant

We stamped the life cycle of a plant & labeled it.  Then we put a bean in a wet paper towel & hung it in our classroom.  We have started to write in Our Bean Seed Journal about the growth of our seed.  At the end of the blog you can get your label for your journal!!!!

Life Cycle of a Plant

Seed Journal (click here for this label)

Our hanging garden

We made flower pictures with Markers & are patiently waiting for it to sprinkle rain, so we can stand outside & see what happens to our pictures.  Stayed tuned for that!!!!

Stayed tuned for our end product......we will probably never get rain until the day after the last day of school with my luck!!! haha

My students kept asking when we were doing Sci-Fri again b/c it's been sooo crazy before Spring Break.  Our Sci-Fri experiment was disecting a flower.  Students loved getting a flower and digging in the soil to get the roots & cutting it apart to get the stem, flower & leaves.

Flowers we disceted.

Click here for your copy of this page!!!!

We also fit in on Friday our MVP Super Scientist.  He balanced a jar on paper.....pretty awesome!!!!  My students have really enjoyed being the Super Scientist when they are student of the week (MVP).

We also read a book on Earth Day this week & watch a video, watched the Steely Steel Pan fav assembly..... makes me want to be on the beach with an umbrella drink & soakn' up the sun.  Lastly this week we mad helicopters to finish up our Science Unit on Balance & Motion.

This was also a following directions activity......some could not:(

Getting ready to "fly"

One going down....that's why it's blurry!
Thanks for stopping by.  Please stop by again.....many fun things going on in 1st grade the next couple week.  We will be learning all about Rocks & digging for some on our field trip....maybe I can find an emerald & call it a year. ha   We will be learning contractions, ou & ow words & much....much more!!!!

Off to a baseball game & pictures!!!!  Have a great weekend & do something fun:)