Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Day Sale!!!

I'll be having a sale on my TpT store in honor of Leap Day!!!  Everything will be 20% off.  Click here to go there directly.  Also you can download a Dr. Seuss decal to make a Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss shirt to celebrate his birthday on Friday.  Click here.

Have a Happy Leap Day!!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sci-Fri & Balancing & St. Patty Day Unit

Good Saturday afternoon.  Here is a little bit of what we did Friday.  Our Sci-Fri experiment was making lava.  Then we learned all about balancing.  We balanced on 1 leg, then balanced beanie babies as we listened to a song.  The kids had a great time!!!!  We also did art, math & Literacy Centers but I totally forgot to get pics:(  Oh well check out a little of what we did!!!

Ingredients to make lava.  Full clear cup 3/4 full of water.  5 drops of red food coloring.  1/4 c. oil & then add spoonfuls of salt & see what happens!!!!

Finished product.....lava is at the bottom.

Recording page

Balancing Beanie Babies

I have been working hard this week trying to catch up on tons of things.  I have bought Babbling Abby's Pirate Mark unit to teach "ar".  Then made a flipchart to go along with it.  Then made a flipchart for the Bossy R triplets.  Still need to work on a compound word flipchart & Easter activities.  But I do have a St. Patty Day unit completed!!!!  Please check it out here.  See the pics below, they are just a little preview of all the "Lucky Stuff" you can do with your little leprechauns!!!!

Roll a die & double the number.  First player to cover all their shamrocks......wins!!!!

paint a rock gold, have your kids hide it, then write clues for a friend to find your gold

Put these words in ABC order

And finally words to live by.......

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I-PAD Tuesday

So today we used the I-PADs in my classroom.  We had 3 to use during math centers.  I had observed a class last week that had a class set & they played tic tac toe using QR codes.  So I came back to school & started working on my tic tac toe board for today.  If you have an I-PAD & want to use it in your class, I am attaching the tic tac toe board in google docs for you. 

This was great .....the students scan the QR code on their paper & then read the math problem & then worked out the problem in their math notebook.  The kids loved it & if they played tic tac toe correctly, there was a game to play afterwards.  See the pics below to see the fun in my classroom today!!! 

Tic Tac Toe board

Problem they need to solve

Working in their math notebook

playing a place value game

Working out their problem in their math journal.  I have 4 centers, so we did this 4 different times.  Thanks to our instructional coach for the patience while teaching them.

Scanning the problems.

Playing the game at the end.

Everyone enjoyed the I-PADs....they were a hit!!!!!   Now I just have to wait till next month to use again:(

If you click here you can download your own copy of the tic tac toe board.  To make your own tic tac toe board you can You need to make sure you have the QR barcode scanner app.  Happy I-PADing!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012


I am having a Sale at my TpT store until tomorrow night.  Please click here to check it out.  Everything is 20% off. 

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Thanks for all the support & HaPpY shopping:)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Activities & a FREEBIE!!!!

What a week.....good thing it's a three day weekend.  But to bad I have Professional Dev. Monday.  Never a break......summer can't come soon enough this yr.  We had a busy week, did a little Valentine celebrating on Tuesday & learned about George Washington & Abraham Lincoln. 

If you haven't checked out my Dr. Seuss Mini Unit, click here to check it out.  It has all kind of fun centers to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday!!!!

Here is our week in review.......

On the search for the Sweetheart Snatcher

Found the 1st clue but no candy....they are used to someone taking their candy.....the Candy Corn Bandit came back in Oct.

We found our candy.  This was a great activity & we worked on inferences while walking around reading our clues.

The search is over....

After our search, we filled out a venn diagram comparing the candy corn bandit & sweetheart snatcher.  They did a great job  comparing & especially remembering back from Oct. ha

Valentine's Snack- donuts, chips, & drink.  Wired children afterwards!!!!  But you only celebrate once a year...RIGHT?!?!

Then after lunch came Valentine's day centers.  Measuring different size hearts.  I got all these ideas from different blogs & some are my ideas.

Candy heart writing.  They picked a candy heart & then wrote a sentence with that saying.  Oh so funny......some examples:  You are so fine.  Call me dude.

Sorting long & short vowels.

Tic Tac Toe using M&M's as the game pieces.

Measuring lines with candy hearts.  They needed to estimate 1st then measure & write the correct number.

Scoopful of hearts.....They took 2 scoopful of hearts & then graphed depending on what it said on the heart.

Craft-Pinterest idea

After their hands dried, they made a card for their parents.  I heart handprint art.......they are only that age for so long.

We wrote about George & Abe on Monday & Tuesday.  Then they picked 1 to publish & make a poster.

Our next big unit is Fairy Tales.  Four weeks of fantasy, fairy dust & sparkles.  I love it!!!!  We do a week of the Three Bears.  On Thursday of the same week, we will have Teddy Bear Olympics.  Students bring in their favorite teddy bear & do many activities with their bear.  We do a TLC bear art, a cooking activity, 5 vanilla wafers & put frosting & a gummy bear on each cookie, for the 5 rings of the olympics.  Then we have some games.  The Opening Ceremonies is walking in a parade to a teddy bear song.  Then we play, bears in a bucket:  throwing plastic bears in cups to see who gets the most in, Bouncing Bears:  use a sheet, kids stand around in a circle, put all the bears in the sheet & shake it all around, Busy Bear Relay:  Have relay races where they are holding their bears, Obstacle course:  set up an obstacle course, using hula hoops, cones, etc. & they run through with their bears.  Click here for your free download of a poem, word search, Olympic card, & certificate.  Here are some pics of what you can get for FREE!!!  check back in 2 weeks to see it in action.

Card to color as they complete an activity

Certificate for participating

Poem to read that week
Thanks for stopping by.....hope you all have a great weekend.  I so wish weekend were just resting but they are catching up on everything!!!!!