Sunday, October 30, 2011


We celebrated Halloween on Thursday, due to a workday on Friday & required Common Core training.  Here are some Centers we did & thanks to The Inspired Apple, the Candy Corn Bandit visited us.  We also had our Author's Celebration for finishing our First Grade Friends Writing.  If you are able check it out on TpT.  Check out the pictures below for all the fun!!!  PS---so excited about my workday Friday, got soooo much accomplished & now tomorrow I can't wait to set up my 10-drawer cart.  Micheal's my new fav craft store...teachers 15% off everyday!!!!! 

Predicting where the Candy Corn Bandit left our treats & what he looked like.

The Candy Corn Bandit left us these posters about predictions & our 1st clue.  We had to follow the clues all around the school looking for him!!!

More predicting!!

Candy Corn Bandit Craft      

Once we returned back to the class our treats were there again!!!!  We had cups, candy corn, the girls had glow in the dark bracelets & the boys- vampire teeth.

Candy Corn Roll-  Students try to fill their side of the board when their number is rolled.

Pumpkin pattern block- students rolled the dice & what ever numbered they rolled told them what to add to their jack-o-lantern.  First one to fill in all parts wins!!!

Spooky Roll & Write.....Roll the die & trace the number.  Great for practicing writing numbers.

Halloween Word Search....great for 1st graders!!!!  Very simple.

Candy Corn Roll again

Pattern Block jack-o-latern

Pumpkin Nim-  They fill in the pattern blocks & the last one to put a block in...wins

Boo Bump....Roll three dice & cover the number they roll.  Use 2 colored different colored chips, each child chooses which color they will be. 

Spooky Roll & Write

Word Search

Boo Bump again

Writer's Celebration....students have written about each child since the beginning of the year.  We worked on spaces, capitals & periods through out the last 2 months.  Students were taught how to edit their own work. They would put checks for each part of their writing they have...3 checks equal a star. During their writer's celebration they were in groups sharing their writing.  After the end of our celebration we had star cookies to
celebrate our STAR Writing. Here are some pictures of our Writer's Celebration

Have a great Halloween & wonderful start to the work week:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Ideas

Wow.... where did October go!!!!!!  Only 2 more school days this week then off till Nov. 1st & the end of the 1st quarter.  Boy oh Boy have my little 1st graders grown a lot.  Here are some cool Halloween activities we have been doing this week. 

Eyeball Words

You need eyeball ping pong balls (Party City $1.00), 2 bags & recording sheet.  Students make nonsense or real words.  They pick 1 eyeball from the vowel bag (vowels are written in red) & pick 2 eyeballs from the consonant bag.  Here are some pictures I took of the activities.

Here is where you can get the recording page for free!!!!

Halloween Science

Bucket at Micheal's, Grows Me at Dollar Tree, Magnifying Glasses.  Put the grow me in the water & see what happens.  Have your little scientist observe what happens over the course of a couple days.  Plus I just picked up glow in the dark gloves to handle the grow me!!!

  I added the page as an extra effect.  You can get the page here.

Now for what we have been doing in the class this week...LOTS of ASSESSING!!!!!  No no pictures.  I do have pictures of us picking out out pumpkin seeds. 

Tomorrow is Math Assessments & then Thursday is FuN HaLlOwEeN activities.  We are going to have the candy corn bandit join us (Thanks to the Inspired Apple) & many Halloween centers.  Look for pictures over the weekend.  

Now to my most exciting new bottle cap necklaces.  Love the 1st Grade Rocks!!!!

The infamous scarecrow....we decorated "her" after we got back from the pumpkin patch. 

Have a wonderful rest of the week......tomorrow is my ALMOST Thursday, since no school Friday!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apples, Math Tubs , Most Valuable Pirate & Super ScientistWriting in our Math notebook

So after my last post I realized I forgot a whole bunch of pictures & didn't show our last week MVP/Super Scientist.  So here it goes.....

Writing in our Math Notebook.  We have a target number each day & the students need to write 4 ways to show that number (write the number, write the number word, tally marks & draw circles).  It has really helped my students with their number sense.

Target Number in Math Notebooks

Math Tub- Activboard- students use the number generator to generate a number & then graph the numbers they get.

Apple Tree Art

Measurement Math Tub-  Make a Train-  students roll the die & put that many cubes along the string.  The 1st person to use the cubes to get to the end of the string is the WINNER!!!

Students make apples with thumb prints

A finished Apple Tree Art

Trophy the MVP (Most Valuable Pirate) gets on Friday.  I ordered the trophies from Oriental Trading & then made my own label to go around the bottom.

Rylan with her trophy & award (that I made also)

Super Scientist......using a straw to push up water

Yay I'm Super Scientist!!!!