Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Break is FINALLY HERE!!!!

I made it to Christmas Break...Whew what a whirl wind last month.  Parties, Staff Development, home life, a quick trip to FL to get a hot tub (boy was it quick....48 hrs.) & sooooo excited kids about Christmas & Santa!!!!  Here is our last couple weeks in pictures.  My Christmas Break will consist of resting, hanging out with family & friends which has been neglected & of course catching up on school work & making Common Core Math centers for our Training in late January.  So here it is what Santa's Little elves & I have been up to the last 2 weeks!!!!!  If you see anything you a comment & I will send it to you, if you leave your email:)
Every student made one for their parents.  I will put this on Pinterest.

Nursing Home singing Christmas Carols


Look at these divas!!!

At the Science Center....Mad Mixtures

Getting ready to mix away!!!

Look at these mixing scientist

The touch tank

Trying to feel the stingrays

Posing for a quick pic!

Trying to block the damn.

Our MVP/ Super Scientist of the Week.

He blew bubbles that you could touch!!!

The class trying to get the bubbles!!

Here is a bubble we "caught"

Donuts for our Elf Larry!  Cheerios with icing & sprinkles.  Found the idea on Pinterest!!!

We read a book about hanukkah, then played a driedl game

Then we made a driedl-pretzel stick, stuck in a marshmallow & put icing all around the marshmallow & put sprinkles & a hershey kiss at the bottom.

Spinning our driedls!!!!

Santa Grahams we made for our Christmas party.  Got the idea from Chalk Talk.

Fast trip to FL....we got to walk on the beach & collect shells.  To bad it was rainy but super hot:)

The infamous hot tub....filled up with so much water over night we could have sat in it & enjoyed it!!!!  It did make it the 11 hour trip home though!!!

Hope everyone has a great holiday break & you get much needed relaxation.  I am all kinds of excited about the time off...being that I started this post at 6:30 am & it is now almost 8 pm.  Look back b/c I am going to try and post some freebies & items on TpT.  Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa's Workshop

We have been very busy in 1st grade.  We have been  little elves learning all about wants & needs & economics.  Students got to pick "jobs" they wanted and then worked on making their craft.  They then got paid for the work they did.  Their group had to make 21 of every craft & then we sold them on Thursday & they used their money to buy the crafts as presents for their loved ones.  They did have to save 5 cents for their movie ticket.  Which was Charlie Brown's Christmas, popcorn & a drink.  The kids really loved this economics lesson.  Here are some pictures to show what we made & bought. 

After we finished buying & wrapping we filled out our passports to take the Polar Express around the World.  We got our passports, maps, suitcases, & journals.  We are ready to conquer the world.  We already visited America on Friday!!!! 

Check out our pictures of what we have been up to!!!

Sequin Christmas Trees

Beaded Wreaths & Christmas Trees

PIcture Ornaments

Snowman Ornaments

Jingle Bell Necklaces- these are for the kids!!!

Tin Punch Ornament


Before our PTO cute they are:)

Look at those smiling faces!!!

Buying our goods

Still buying!

Our suitcase to visit the world1111

Everything they need to be successful travelers

We are ready to go!!!!

If you have any questions about anything you see, please leave a comment & I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Hope everyone has a great week....I know some are out at the end of the week for Christmas Break....We have 8 more days!!!!  I need a break to re-energize!!!!