Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lots of STUFF!!!

10 more days & counting!!!!  We have been soooo busy this week.  We have been pretty much stuck in the classroom ALL week with EOG testing.  Try keeping 20 full of energy 1st graders why they need to be  quiet & them to understand why we can't go to specials or outside.  But they have been pretty good about it!!!!  We have stayed busy!!!  Animal reports & persuasive writing activities.  Check it out below!!!

First on Monday we started researching animals.  Students got to pick out a book about an animal they wanted to research.  They read the book on Monday.  I also introduced their Animal Writing Rubric, so they knew what was expected of them.  On Tuesday they read the book again & filled out their Post-It Note Research paper.  On Wednesday they wrote their report & put their poster together.  Today they graded themselves, practiced their report & then presented it to the class.  They did a WONDERFUL job!!!!!  Here are some pictures to show off their work.

Books to choose from

Rubric .....I introduced first

Getting sticky notes on

What they needed to look for as they were reading.  The grabbing sentences were good!!!!

Filling out rubric at the end

Practicing for their presentation




Finished posters with rubric & I graded in pen.  They were pretty much right on it!!!

Another thing we did today was take a field 2nd grade.  The students had to write a persuasive paper telling me why they deserve to go to 2nd grade.  They were really good to my surprise!!!!  Then the "judge" decided if they got to move on.  Some were really sweating it. haha But I got some of the best writing from my kiddos.  Then after we all passed, we had to come up with "Thick" questions, which are questions that do not have the answer yes or no.  Then after lunch we took our "field trip" to 2nd grade to get our questions answered.  The big hit is the trip to the zoo.  Overall this was a big hit glad I took this on:)  Here are some pics to show how it went.  I also got the idea of Pinterest & here is the blog.  Click here.

The judge is in.....yes my gavel is a to make due with what you got!!!  And who would have thought the college graduation gown would come in handy after ___ years!!!!!

Some "thick" questions

Paper we filled out before we went.  we described how we felt & then filled out what the "experts" said when we got back.

Soon to be 2nd graders!!!!

Still smiling

They are soooo ready!!!!

I have also made a Math Relay.  All you need is sidewalk chalk & this pack & you are set for your youngsters to have a fun math race.  You may click here for your FREE copy of The Math Relay Race.  I can not take full credit.  I found the idea on Pinterest but made it fit what we have done this year in math.  There are 2 versions. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday & for some I know you are almost done or done tomorrow....but for those that aren't hang in there.....there is light at the end of the tunnel:)

And now... even though it took 5 tries to get this picture with all hands down, eyes opened & smiling....I will miss this bunch of kids.  Some I have had for 2year....kindergarten & 1st grade.  I have seen soooo much growth.  But it's time to let them all fly on to 2nd grade:) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

15th Day & Counting Down!!!!!!

So we have been counting down the days for the last 2 weeks.  I had told my kiddos when we got to day 15 we will start counting down by popping a balloon a day & inside the balloon is a special activity to do.  So I had my 15 balloons all blown up with our helium tank yesterday....well I got to school this morning & they were on the ground limp.  So I came up with the idea to hang them from our wooden beams.  So here they are & we are ready to pop away the next 15 days. 

Can't wait to see what our 1st fun activity will I am sure by day 1 all I will have is balloons with NO air!!!  Oh kiddos told me today all they care about our the pieces of paper in them! haha

Have a great rest of the week.....How are some of you counting down the last days!!!  Happy Hump Day!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Field Trips

WOW!!!  What a crazy week!!!  We had 2 field trips & lots of work to do.  I will show you in pictures our week in review.  We learned about Creepy Crawlies this week, went to Hiddenite Mines & learned all about rocks & got to find gems while creeking & slucing.  On Friday we went to our County's Fairgrounds to learn all about the crops & animals that give us food.  Then the kiddies got to go to the park to eat lunch & play. 

Also don't forget Teacher Appreciation Week this week & I am having a sale on my TpT store all week & if you add the code TAD12 you will receive an extra 10% off.  Have a great week!!!!

Getting ready to go slucing

Working hard to find lots of gems

Look what I found


Rock hunt.....just like an egg hunt.  All the rocks were laying on the dirt

My sweet class:)

We had time for an art project but also so a couple kids could finish their work. 

Making stained glass butterflies

Farm to Fork field trip....hayride

Petting Zoo

Every child got to hold a chick as we went around to different stations.

This is my fav pic b/c that would so be me...not wanting to get near it!!!  Funny thing she doesn't remember that last year she was all about holding a chick when they hatched in our room!!!

Some had the death grips!!! ha

Then finally 24 more school days & this shows all my excitement!!!!

Have a great rest of the weekend!!!