Monday, September 5, 2011

TpT Items

Wow!!!!  What a wild & crazy last 3 weeks.  The start back to school is always CRAZY...& that it has been.  I love my class & seem to have so much extra time, since I am not planning for 2 grades.  Which I am loving.  I can actually leave school at a normal time, work out & get things done!!!!  But I know this will still be a busy year as I am already attending a conference for the Common Core on Math, to then turn around & train others in the county.  Totally out of my comfort zone.  B/c I hate talking in front of large crowds.  But I guess it is time to step out of my comfort box!!!  I need at least 1 day off a week especially when it rains like today...haha I have made some products for TpT & worked on other school things.  To bad that's not an every week thing. haha 

Check out my new posts on TpT.  You can find many apple activities.

 Such as a Rotten Apple Game to practice letters & 3 letter words, such as bad, lip, cat, etc.  It is 2 games in 1.

 I have also posted an Apple Activities pack with lots of apple center ideas, a story to kick off your apple unit, Apple Science, Apple Math, which is weighing apples with different objects, matching upper & lower case letters & number sequencing. 

The last thing I have posted is Apple Basket Math, where you put objects on the baskets to match the numbers shown.  There are three sets, so you can use in centers or math tubs.

I hope you go check out what I post.  My goal is going to be to try & post 3 things a month.  Not sure how that will work out with school & all, but we will see. At least I got my 3 for this month.  Hope everyone has a great Monday off!!!!