Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have 2 freebies!!!!  One is a Buzzing over Doubles plus 1 game & Like a Star.  If you click on the link below you can have it!!!!  Hope you enjoy:)

Students pick a card.  Then they decide if it has the AR sound or not.  If it does it, they write the word in the star, if not they write the word around the outside of the star.  Click here for it.

Click on the photo for your copy!!!!!

Hope everyone can find a use for these in their room!!!  Happy Sunday & have a great rest of the weekend!!!  Report cards are calling my name.....if the sun doesn't shine & we can go on the lake:)  Anything to put it off!!!  haha

A little of this & A LIttle of That

It's been a long time my has been crazy!!!  I am hoping after my big yard sale next Saturday, life will be back to normal (at least one can hope).  7 more days till Spring Break for me....glad I have Mon & Tues of this week off!!!  Here is what we did for St. Patty day, Pirate Mark (got from Babbling Abby) to introduce the ar sound, & Wizard of Oz (also bought from Babbling Abby) & to wrap up our month long fairy tale unit, we had a fairy tale festival.  It has been a fun past 2 weeks....but WE are ALL ready for a BREAK!!!!!

Our room was taken over by a little leprachaun.  He got  into the green paint & put his footprints everywhere.

Spilled paint....that pesky creature!!!!

Doing St. Patty Day Centers- from my St. Patty Day Unit on tpt

Leprechaun pie (idea from Pinterest) & green punch

Leprechauns we made ( idea also from Pinterest)

Then we have been reading about different Fairy Tales & their elements.  To finish up our week, we read the Wizard of oz.  I found a picture book to read the first day & a chap. book to read throughout the week.  I really liked this changed it up for me!!!!  We did a craftivity everyday with writing.

They had to write about what they would do if they had ruby slippers(girls), sneakers (boys).

A fairy came to read a story to our class!!!  The kids loved it:)

For our Fairy Tale Festival we did a scavenger hunt & 3 bears breakfast.  I had cards with clues & the kids had to go around the school & find their picture clues.  Then when they got back to the class they had to talk in their groups & figure out what the fairy tale was.

Clues for all the groups

Those who dressed up in a costume.

After watching the Wizard of Oz, each group had questions to discuss in a group & then we gathered back together & talked about their answers.

We also started learning the AR sound with Pirate Mark.  It was a great way to teach the AR sound.  My assistant & I dressed as pirates on Monday to kick it off.  We did a flip chart, treasure hunt,  & cravtivity.  Can't wait till we do the Bossy R Triplets!!!!


I placed AR words around the school & as we found them we placed them on the map.  This was the start.

Half way done!!!

We found them all!!!

made a pirate & listed AR words we learned throughout the week.
Then to end our week our Most Valuable Pirate did their Super Scientist experiment.

Static electricity made the tissue paper rise up onto the comb.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!  I will be posting some freebies later on, soooo stayed tuned!!!! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Teddy Bear Olympics & Dr. Seuss's B-day

Well happy Monday......not really....all day it has been  Oh well I forgot my camera cable at school over the weekend so I am getting this post out late, and I am exhasuted & all into The Bachelor Women Tell I need to be fast.  I will review our Thursday & Friday.  Thursday was teddy bear olympics & Friday was Dr. Seuss's B-day.  So much fun all crammed into 2 days.  And yes I will quote myself telling my assistant:  "I think I sometimes try to cram too much in 1 day!"  She replied with...."You think."  hahaha  So here goes our 2 days in review.
We started off the day with matching shirts I made!!!

Lots of Dr. Seuss centers......picking rhyming words out of books

Dr. Seuss board game

Coloring 100's board to make Cat in the Hat

Fact Family

Word Search

Read the room-  they had to walk around & read the cards & decide if it was a real or nonsense word

Reading the Room

Painting........can you tell what??

More painting....

Dr. Seuss Spin & Graph

Spin A Word

We also threw in a little MVP Scientist project....great project on static electricity!!!

She made the can move with the balloon

Making Cat in the Hat Parfaits

Finished product

Enjoying parfait & Seuss Juice (Hawaiian punch & Sprite)

Then we ended our day with watching The Lorax

Remember those hands with paint....well here is what we made...Thing 1 & Thing 2

Opening Ceremony to Gummy Bear song by Dr. Jean

Making Teddy Bear TLC Art

Finished teddy bears

Olympic Ring Snack

Obstacle course

Throwing Bears.....then they had a card with each activity & they had to color it in as they completed the activity.

Bear relay races

Bouncing Bears....a sheet & bears in the middle & throwing them up in the air.

Award given at the closing ceremony

Well just for a Monday the post got all screwed up...that's how my day has gone!!!!  Well modern technology....sometimes.  Hope everyone has a great week!!!!