Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well Thanksgiving has come & gone.  Check out what we did in pictures the last day before Thanksgiving Break.  After 5 days off, I'm still exhausted.....16 more days & it's Christmas Break!!!!!!

Making our Mayflower art project.  Each child got to choose which of 3 art projects they wanted to do.

Making Indians!!!!


The students followed what colored numbers were on the flipchart, to fill in their 100's board at the end it made.....

The Mayflower

Look at the Pilgrims & Indians eating their Thanksgiving Feast

More eating at our feast

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving & look back in a couple hours for somethings, I posted on TpT.  'Tis the season to be jolly...I just need to remember that!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's Going on in 1st Grade This Week!!!

Well I made it through a 5 day week, boy haven't had one of those in a long time.  No fears next week is only 2 days!!!!  Wow my students are extra chatty this week but still a great bunch of students!!!  This week we have learned about The Earth, The Moon, The Stars, & The Sun.  Yesterday we made a Moon Game book to talk about the different phases of the moon.  We have tried to keep track of the phases of the moon every night but it's sooooo hard to remember everyday!!! 

We read this book.

We completed this flipchart tree map about earth.

Then each day students completed a paper about non-fiction texts & information they learned from the book.

We repeated the same thing everyday.

Towards the end of the week I kept forgetting to take pictures:(

Here are some Thanksgiving craft ideas I got of my new favorite addiction...Pinterst!!!

I am going to let my kids pick which one they want to do.  I love hand print art b/c they do not stay this age forever & parents can always remember their hand print size!!!!

Here is us working on our Moon Game book.  We cut & read each phrases as we went along & drew the different phases of the moon.  Next year when we adopt the Common Core, I will go in more depth about moon phases.

We have been learning about the doubles strategy this week so we made a doubles flip book.

I did small groups while the other students were playing Double Compare & Spinning Doubles

They used a Q-tip to put dots on one side depending what the doubles problem was.  If it was 1+1, they would put 1 dot on 1 side & press it to the other side to make 2.

They had to write the problem on the front of the book.  They loved doing this & those I didn't have time to get to beg to do it on Friday!!!!

Lastly I have posted a Christmas Game on TpT, please go check it out.  It's a game of comparing 2 numbers & filling a present board everytime a child gets the higher numbers.  The 1st person to get an object on every present is the winner!!!!  Here are a few examples of the game.  Hope you check it out!!!!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!  I will be posting some more item on TpT over Thanksgiving break, so please check it out!!!!  Have a great weekend:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Me & My World and Veteran's Day

Today starts my 3 day weekend!!!!!  Can I say ExCiTeD!!!!!  This post is what we did for Veteran's Day & our 1 week theme of Me & My World.

Our last week we have focused on our World.  We started with the town we live in, then the state we live in, the country we live in, the continent we live on & finally the planet we live on.  We started out small and then looked at the bigger picture.  We read books & then made a bubble map to go along with our specific community, state, country, continent, planet.  The following books were great to read & very simple.  We finished up today with reading Me on the Map & doing a flipbook.

We started out small...like what town they live in.  We read the book & then made a bubble map about the things/places in our town.
Then we got a little bigger & read about our country the next day & made a bubble map about our country.
Each day we looked at the bigger part.  We read about North America & made our bubble map.  These books had great facts & info. to include on our bubble map.
Finally we got to our planet, Earth.  We read the book & completed our last bubble map.  This book will lead us into our week study on Earth, Moon, Sun & Stars.  We will also track the moon phases since that will be part of the common Core for 1st grade next year.
Then today we read this book.  It talks about how each person has a special place on the map.
Then we set off to make our Me on the Map Flipbook.  Taking what we had learned all week & applying it to this flipbook.

Here are some completed books.  There are pictures for the words written.  For their community, they drew their house.  Last year I had them write their address with their house but that was a crazy disaster!!!! ha

Then after all that & NO assistant (I'm sure some do not have an assistant but I do not know what I would do without mine, she is great & helps soooooo much!!!!!) today we tackled Veteran's Day.  This was an activity thrown together in 1 day!!!

We started out by watching a Veteran's Day movie on Discovery Streaming.  Then we read the following book.....

Then we filled out this bubble map.  We came up with words to describe soldiers.

After the book we made these way cute Army men & women.  I got the idea from Deanna Jump's blog but came up with the dimensions myself.  At first he was huge then we scaled him down by half!!! Ha  Here are some pictures of us working on them.

Everyone is working very hard.  I love these cutting, following direction activities.  My kids are quiet & they pay such good attention b/c they do not want to mess up.

Lastly today we learned the One More Addition Strategy yesterday, so today we played a game to go along with it.  Thought I'd share that also!!!

Roll a Die-  Student use a 10 sided dice & roll each time.  They place the number on the line & are always adding a 1 to the number rolled.  They then write the answer next to the problem.  This week started our learning our addition strategies.  Next week we will learn two more & doubles.  Each day we do a strategy page & the next day we play a game.  First graders at our school really seem to like it!!!

So I hope have has a great Friday tomorrow!!!!  For those who have to work, try some of my great Veteran's Day activities.  Hope the weekend is good for you...mine will be busy with Hickory Junior Woman's Club Gala...set up Saturday & Vegas night Sat night & then totally excited about a girl's day to the Southern Christmas Show.  That's right I think I'm ready to start decorating!!!!  We will see......