Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh My Pinterest!!!!!

I know I have neglected this little blog over the summer but Pinterest has over taken!!!  MY OH MY .....What did people do before it.  This post is dedicated to all the fun things I have found to make & then actually made!!!!  But I can say my classroom is ALMOST done.  I will post pics next week sometime.  With only 10 more days before I start back, I am going to enjoy the last of my summer lazy days.  Here is how we spent yesterday at a Western themed theme park.  We had a blast b/c most every county around us is back at school.  Hate it for them but loved the  NO crowds.

Now on to that little website that wastes takes up a lot of our time.  I wanted to spice up my room this year especially my library.  So I found this idea on Pinterest & went to it.  As Matthew likes to say I have a beginning, middle, & end picture with all my projects.  Can you tell we have been working on that over the summer!!!

I started with plain jane letters

Spray painted them red then put black polka dots on them

Finished & hung in my library area 

Started with just colored notebooks
 I worked on organizing ALL my notebooks too!
See what a little scrapbook paper & clipart can do for you!!!!

Then added dividers & labels & yes every paper is in a page protector.  That way there are no holes.

I wanted to jazz up how we celebrate birthdays & saw a simple way to make a birthday cape.  All you need is a T-shirt & a decal.  You can click here for a free download of the decal I made.  Then click here for the directions on how to make.  Here are some pictures of how I made it.  The link gives more detailed directions.

Start with a t-shirt (I had extra large)

Finished project.....may be too long but I'll fix.

Then I saw how you can use fabric/wrapping paper to cover backs of bookshelves.  I took the boring & drabby bookshelf.

Added a little Pirate wrapping paper & WOW OH WOW what a difference.......

Back to Birthdays.....I saw this idea & loved it.  Crazy straws with a balloon sign.  Click here to go to this sweet blog.  Lots of great ideas!!!! 

This is my own original idea....cork board & ribbon.  I saw this ribbon at Hobby Lobby & just LOVED LOVED it.  So I got a pack of 4 cork tiles, hot glued them together & added ribbon around the edges.

Another project I am working on is chalkboard clips.  This is a picture of what I found.

So I got my little helper & he helped me spray paint my clothespins red & black. 

I have a few more things to finish up....burlap pencil sign, painting a bookshelf & cutting some Cricut letters to label containers.  Off to Hobby Lobby when they open to get a few more things.  They must say SUCKER when ever I walk through the door....since I go about 3-4 times a week.  I hope my faithful friend Target doesn't find out!!! ha

I hope every has a great Friday.......TGIF.  If you have started back, hope it's been a great start & if you haven't enjoy the last of your lazy summer days because I know I will!!!!!!

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